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Women In Network is about Supporting the Success of all women in a community of Sisterhood. W.I.N.S. is an evolving and expanding community dedicated to creating meaningful connections and referral partnerships in a supportive environment to help all women succeed, thrive and grow. As a progressing women’s community, we celebrate all women across the nation. Through networking, special events and sharing resources we are encouraging women to feel empowered to achieve their goals.

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Collectively we are continuously striving to create opportunity and connection for all women. Our goal is to ignite the power of women to pursue THEIR success, to lead and to learn from each other through a supportive sisterhood. As women we are driven to help each other grow, WINS is committed to making those meaningful relationships. We meet women where they are in their journey. Every woman has their own definition of success, we value the importance of every woman’s success. Whether you are a Mom thinking of a side hustle, a new business owner or top executive we want to connect.

Please fill out the application form below to join our W.I.N.S. Community. Once your application is approved you will have a member listing in our network directory. If you would like to share and educational blog, resources, or event please include in your description. 

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